Our technology expertise empowers us to deliver software development services and solutions, which ensure your improved business efficiency, increased ROI cost-effectiveness, and project risks mitigation.

Initially established as a .net development company, we've been investing in .Net development from the very first day of the framework introduction. we deliver:

  • Enterprise solutions
  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications
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We've evolved into a global IT services provider with a diversified portfolio of technologies, still preserving pristine passion for coding in Java, delivering:

  • Enterprise-level systems
  • End-to-end web applications
  • High-reliability solutions
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We are building reliable and scalable applications, our PHP development team have extensive knowledge of:

  • Custom web apps development
  • Legacy apps enhancement
  • Database-driven websites
  • And many more
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We offer extensive hands-on experience in development of incredibly feature-laden mobile applications:

  • iOS, Android, Windows
  • Mobile web
  • Cross-platform
  • Legacy
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From requirements management to delivery, product upgrades and support, we deliver full-cycle development of high-performance applications:

  • C/ C++ Native/Cross-Platform Apps
  • C/ C++ Frameworks
  • System-Level Software
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Passionate Ruby evangelists and Ruby Masters, TSR Software Solutions RoR teams deliver

  • Database-driven web applications
  • Robust online services and backends for mobile solutions
  • Scalable e-commerce platforms and SaaS solutions
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Our Python engineers craft fast, effective and highly productive software across numerous application domains including:

  • Database-driven web applications
  • Desktop GUIs
  • Corporate networking
  • And many more
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The choice of technologies for your project implementation is a critical issue that influences your project development timeframes and costs. Moreover, technology determines how your application will stand the test of time and will be adopted by its end users - be it your employees, your customers, or your partners.


With TSR Software Solutions you can navigate all the technologies and platforms available on the market to choose the right solution – our hands-on experience and expertise are fully at your service. Still, we don’t dictate anything. Quite vice versa: we are always attentive to all your requirements and wishes, including technological preferences. Because we do believe that only close cooperation with our customers can bring visible and effective results.